My mom’s neighbor

19. May 2019

He’s my mother’s neighbor. For more than 2 years I only noticed him twice. I liked his look back then, but as I was in a relationship at that time I had no interest in getting to know him better.

One night I dreamed about him. Completely confused by the dream that kept me going, I decided to look for him on the Internet the next day. It didn’t take long for his photo to appear on my screen. I hesitated briefly and then texted to him. He answered soon, and we arranged a first date.

The date was terrible. So terrible that I drank alcohol… a lot of it! I was just talking nonsense all evening long. Next day I knew that I had screwed up. He didn’t answer the phone any more. Disappointed, but still convinced that he should be the man at my side, I persisted and took the initiative again. He, on the other hand, behaved distant and disinterested.

Sadly, I decided to give up. But it did not take long and he invited me to another date. One date turned into many dates. Finally, we decided to be a couple.

As a woman, I often thought that you should not chase after men. Looking back, my persistence was worth it and I couldn’t be happier to have such a great man at my side today.

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