How can my love story become a part of the Museum?

To become a part of the Museum of Lovestories, you can easily write and upload your story right here. Additionally, we ask you to send us an item that you connect with your story.

Write your story

Which kind of love story can I send?

There is not “the” love story. Every single love story is very personal and something wonderful.  It does not matter how spectacular it is. We want to show stories from real life that “normal” people have experienced. This is exactly what makes the Museum of Lovestories so unique.

The Museum of Lovestories does not want to make rules how to write your story. It is your love story und therefore it should be written down in your own words. Keep in mind that stories that are too long will often not be read. Sometimes, a few sentences say more than many pages.


May I send a story from someone else?

Of course, you can also send love stories experienced by friends or family members. Please make sure that the people who are the main characters in your story expressly agree in the publication.

Which kind of object shall I send?

It does not matter which object you will send us or how precious it is. It just needs to be an object that is yours and connects you to your love story. So, it can be for example a necklace, a dress, a picture, an old love letter, a plushie… However, there are (almost) no limits.



Book which says that every love story is worth being told

May I send pictures, videos or music?

Yes, you can also send pictures, self-provided videos or own songs. It is very important that there are no other people on pictures or in videos that have not consented to a publication. Sent music data need to be made by yourself because only you can transfer the rights to us.

Use the e-mail address to send us your media.

Can I send more than one item?

Of course, you can send us several items. These have to be related to your story in any case.


May I send a love story, if I have no item I can connect it to?

Of course, you can also send a love story, if you have no item which you connect to your story. In this case we can only show your story online and not in the Museum of Lovestories itself.

We would be happy to support you in finding a suitable item. Just let us know and together we will find something appropriate.

Love is in the air

Will my story and my item be published?

As we get a lot of love stories, we are not able to publish every single one in the Museum of Lovestories or on our website. We make an effort to publicize as many stories as possible. Therefore, we renew the stories regularly.


Will my story and my item be published anonymously?

Love stories are something wonderful. They show who you are and what amazing moments you have experienced. That is why we want to publish the stories in the Museum of Lovestories with your first name.

If you want to remain anonymous we will respect that as well. Just let us know when submitting your story and we will not publish any names.


Can I send a fictional lovestory to the Museum?

The concept of the Museum of Lovestories is to show real stories out of real life. In favor of that we need love stories that really happened. For this reason, we ask you to send only stories that are based on true incidents.


In what language can I write my love story?

You can send us your story in English, German, French, Spanish or Italian.


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