Love is the most wonderful thing in the world

Love exists everywhere, in every single moment and in every single place on this planet. Love and the stories connected to it can be found anywhere – In a kiss. In a hug. In a simple smile. Love is the essence of our being and the thing that keeps us together and connects us wherever we are.

There are many books, films and songs about love stories. However, the big and famous stories are not the only ones worth being told. Rather, it is the little unknown ones that often have much more to say.

Be it a story about a young love or one which has existed for many years. Be it the unique relationship between parents and children, an incomparable friendship or a special connection to an animal. They are all wonderful examples of love.

Together, we create a place full of love and its unique stories

Museum of Lovestories

Together we create a museum where all the love stories in the world find a place and become visible for everyone. We are looking for your personal love story, that makes your life so unique. It does not matter how spectacular your story is because it is a part of you and makes you who you are. For this reason alone, it is worth being told.

Therefore, send us your love story and an object connected to it to become a part of the Museum of Lovestories (see FAQs).

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