Home is whenever we are together

24. March 2019

I guess you can say it was like in a romantic movie. I’ve always been a big fan of mellow love stories and I’m so happy to live mine.

I figure this whole journey had started way before I met him. My life changed a bit when I decided to leave home and take a gap year somewhere far away. Somehow, I landed in Austria. This wasn’t really my plan, but the Au pair agency’s one. So, there I was, 10 thousand kilometers away from everything I knew. It was just me, my free spirit, my Mexican roots, hope – and my desire to celebrate my birthday.

Our birthdays are four days apart, but the fact that we ended up celebrating in the same club in Vienna, on the same Saturday of the same weekend and with probably the same amount of alcohol is somehow inexplicable to me.
There he was, standing in the middle of the dancefloor, while I was dancing like there was no tomorrow. Soon I figured there was no tomorrow – at least not without him. We stumbled into one another. As an apology I said, “It’s my birthday”, and he replied “It’s mine too”.

We’ve been each other’s birthday presents ever since and I’ve even postponed my return home to start a master in Vienna. I am ten thousand kilometres away from my home, but now, he is home to me.

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