Even though we found each other very attractive, this party was the first time we had met. However, this did not stop us from sleeping together on the same evening and not too low in alcohol. The next morning, we decided to go our separate ways again because we lived in different cities.

A few weeks later, I found out that I was pregnant and that it had happened that night. I did not know if or how I should tell him, since I was close to desperation myself. Finally, I decided to inform him, expecting the worst. I thought he would push me to get an abortion or even insult me. But things turned out differently.

He was there for me from the first start. He talked to me and gave me courage. He assured me that he would support me in every possible way that he could. Over the next few months, I realized that it was not just talk of him. He moved to my city, helped me financially the best that he could and accompanied me to every doctor’s appointment. He was there for me everyday.

Although the circumstances of this pregnancy were anything but easy, I felt more secure around him than ever before. And the more often we saw each other and the more we talked, the more we both felt that there was something more to our relationship. Much more. Out of one night, there were more nights. Sex turned into family. Family turned into love. Today we have been together for 12 years and married for four. We have two wonderful children that we love more than anything else. The consequences of this one night shared together could not have been better.


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