Three days before my 19th birthday my boyfriend broke up with me. I was devastated. To cheer me up, my friends came up with something on my birthday. They wrapped a headband with ribbons and made a sign that said, “One kiss 2 €”. When we went out to celebrate I had to wear both things all evening long .

When we started our pub tour in my hometown, I was quite shy at first and not very excited of my “decoration” either. But little by little I liked this “game”. I got to know some guys and also took some cash through my “kissing initiative”.

Early in the morning we entered a bar where a group of men were and seemed to have fun. Therefore, my friends and I joined them. When an older man of the group spotted my sign, he said he would pay a kiss for his son. The young guy was very embarrassed and refused.

Then another guy from this group said that if his friend didn’t want to kiss me, he would do that. And so he did. This guy was the last one I kissed that night and the only one I’ve ever kissed since then. We have been a happy couple for over six years and the guy who didn’t want to kiss me is now one of my best friends.


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