Some facts about me

1 At the moment, when I open the door at home, I virtually have my joggers on.
2 Maybe it's my cat allergy that I'm not a “sweet tooth” myself.
3 When I do sports I need at least half a year break afterwards.
4 Although I have studied law, I am anything but a typical lawyer – rather, I am a happy and funny person 😉
5 When writing messages, I usually "forget" emojis. If I do some then always the same 😉 🙂 😀
6 I only drink coffee to not fall asleep.
7 Between 5:40 and 6:10 the morning the snooze button on my alarm clock has “rush hour”. It is pressed down 4–6 times until I release it and get up.
8 Although I like to talk a lot, I am a good listener in important moments.

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