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I met the love of my life in a night club in Paris six years ago. This meeting may not seem original but we’re getting there. When we started talking after a few drinks, he asked me where I lived in Paris and further the conversation went we realized that we were living in the same building – I lived on the 6th floor, he on the 4th. For more than two years we have been neighbors without ever meeting or seeing each other.

At the end of the night, we went back together to our respective homes. It was weird but we didn’t really have a choice since it was where he both lived.

From that day, we came across one another daily in the street, in our building or in the local stores. After six months we decided to get officially together. We stayed in our apartments but lived either at his or at mine.

Recently, we moved to another city for his job. We are so happy to finally live together and are so happy about all the projects to come… – the next one will be our wedding. After 5 years of love, he proposed me and I said “yes”.


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