Diary- How I started loving myself

Who says it’s a must for a love story to involve two characters? What if you fall in love with yourself after struggling for years with self-worth issues? My story is a bit different and might not be understood by everyone but still I feel it’s worth being told.

I got into this vicious circle of eating disorders when I was nineteen. I never accepted my body and I was constantly nagging and complaining about my weight. Fat-diets, episodes of bulimia and anorexia as well as binge eating attacks were about to destroy not only my body, but my entire life. I couldn’t escape this constant strain put on me by these society driven beauty standards. It took me ten years to recover with the support of psychologists and self-help-books.
The only thing that finally helped me to overcome my self-induced illness was writing a diary. Each day I mentioned three facts I was thankful for and one thing I love about myself. As time passed by, I could find more and more things that were much more important than just a number on a scale. I started to love myself, started to love my flaws, and accepting my body the way it was.

Maybe some people can’t love others because they can’t love themselves. It’s essential to work on that in the first place – I did it and I might soon be ready to write a love story in which you encounter two characters.


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