… that we had not drunk on Mallorca, whereupon I had to invite Michael to my place?
Perhaps it was my deceased cat that made me very affectionate and in need of love the whole week?
Perhaps it was the belief that Michael and Kirsten would see each other or the moment playing Dixit with them that showed me my jealousy and made me realize that I had feelings for him?
Perhaps it was something completely different, who knows?

We met on a photo trip to Mallorca, where we spent a week shooting, having fun and enjoying summer with seven other people. Although both of us did not intend to get to know anyone on this trip, we did.

“I just take you with me” were Michael’s words when we had to say goodbye after our vacation. I, sad that the holiday was over and afraid to realize that my cat would never come back, just said “Yes, do that” – and that’s how I meant it. I never expected that we would meet again a week later. Yes, that we would even have a date.

Was it a date? None of us knew that for sure, but the wine helped anyway (the romantic fireworks unfortunately didn’t). There was no gin, even if that was the real reason for the invitation… And so, it all started and we became a couple.

One and a half years later our relationship was about to end. We both knew that we loved each other, but also that this love would not be enough for a relationship. Well, we had already booked a vacation to Bali at that time. “We will go on our vacation, see how the three weeks will work out and if we will stay together or not”. Fortunately, we had Bali! – There we noticed that we definitely want a common future.
Of course, not everything was beautiful afterwards. There were many situations when one of us thought “Why am I doing this to myself?” Nevertheless, we both want(ed) a common future. Sometimes only a third person who mediates can help. I am glad that Michael urged me to go to a therapist together. It was absolutely the right decision – recognizing that our relationship was worth to hold on.

Today, three years later, we are married and I am so happy. Michael, with you I enjoyed one of the most beautiful days of my life – our wedding. Not only with you, but with all our favorite people. I’m looking forward to many more celebrations with you and our friends, to evenings in front of the TV and days when I can’t sit still and you’re annoyed. To New Zealand and all the countries, we will explore together. To times that each of us spend alone and when we realize how much we miss each other. To reunions, to the moment when you hold our first child in your arms and the second and the third – to a lifetime together!


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