Once again disappointed by a failed relationship, I quickly sign up for a dating app. Actually only to distract myself. And only after a few days I got a match. The first messages are promising and we meet quite quickly at a nearby Christmas market. We get along well, talk and laugh a lot. Actually “favorite person” potential. Still something disturbs me, but something also tells me that this time I shouldn’t throw in the towel so fast.

It’s worth it. The beginning of a relationship at eye level. We enjoy the time together and we live our life like never before. Shortly after we move in together the first obstacle shows up. He gets a job offer in India. After a few weeks the decision is made. He accepts the offer and goes abroad – alone. Our long-distance relationship adventure begins and we are once again connected via mobile phones, as it was the case at the beginning of our relationship. We text each other whenever possible and try to Skype every evening. To make our situation more enjoyable we decide to do many journeys together.

An exciting, though exhausting time, which allows us to grow together. The best part: A marriage proposal I got at the beginning of this year. We are looking forward not only to his return, but also to our wedding.


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