Love by distance and the moon

“We have a problem”, “We are going to be in so much trouble” – that is what this girl from the Netherlands and this guy from Saudi Arabia kept saying to each other.

It was on these humid spring evenings in Bahrain when we realized we had a problem: One of deeply falling in love with each other. While lying on the beach and staring at the moon, we thought about what this meant and the consequences it entailed for ourselves but above all, for our families. However, there was nothing that could stop us and we fought our way through ever since. We constantly convinced and involved our families and friends of our relationship and decisions, and we also confronted the thousands of miles between us for many months. It hasn’t always been easy and it required a lot of determination, sacrifices and commitment to each other.
There was one time when things were tough, and I remember my man telling me to look at the moon because despite the long distance, we would at least be sharing and looking at the same moon, wherever we are. This might sound strange to other people, but just looking at the moon truly gave us strength.

Now, 2.5 years later, we can say that our “problem” turned out to be the best and most beautiful adventure we’ve ever had and probably ever will have. We are definitely not there yet, because like every other relationship, it asks for continuous efforts and dedication. But most of all, a relationship asks for love, love for each other and love for yourself. You have to be confident, have to trust, have to have faith, and you truly have to believe that it will work out. And then… it will.


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