Hiking boots

My thirst for adventure and the need to push boundaries have already brought me into some “exciting” situations. My impatience is not necessarily a benefit. This is also what I noticed when climbing my first four thousand meter high peak.

I blamed the sea level for the lack of condition and surefootedness, which showed up right at the beginning of the hike – but I still relied on my long-standing practical experience.  With increasing altitude my physical condition was getting worse including dizziness, nausea, sweats and palpitation. Our guide convinced me to stop the mission and stay in the camp for two days. Another member of our walking group was in a similar condition. That’s why he chosed to stay in the camp as well. As if my story was repeating itself, he told me his motives for this hike – self-conquest and thirst for adventure. Within the next two days, which were marked by fever fairs and tablet intake, we found more and more similarities. The days in the camp felt like a vacation with a familiar person. Only rarely have I felt so comfortable and free. By the time we felt better, we both made it to the descent.

Next week we will try to reach the summit again.
Together as a couple, we push our boundaries every day – not only in the mountains, but also in the valley.


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