We were ready. My friends and I rushed for four days in the annual car meeting of our hometown in Austria. There we met a funny bunch of young men from a car club in Switzerland. With a bold saying, a sweet smile and heavenly blue eyes, a young Swiss man immediately captivated me. Instantaneously we had a special relationship with each other. As a souvenir of our time he gave me a cloth, which is the hallmark of the car club.
With sometimes regular and often no contact, the thoughts of each other never let go. In August 2015, we plunged into the unknown and made our love official. And lo and behold – to this day we do not regret our decisions. Since November 2016, we even live together and he is very excited about my beautiful country.
Thus, despite a distance of 734 km, an incredibly great relationship arose – and also a unique friendship between a crazy girl troupe from Austria and a car-surprised men’s group from Switzerland.


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