One evening a good friend called and told me that his girlfriend had just broken up with him. As it came totally unexpected he was devastated. For this reason, he invited a few friends to come along as he did not want to be alone at this time. Once there, I recognized some old friends, some of whom I have not seen for far too long.

I immediately noticed a young man from the past. He also recognized me and headed directly towards me. We talked all evening long, interrupted only by expressions of sympathy for our mutual single friend wherein we raised our glasses. Although, we had not seen each other for many years, I felt an incredible bond and warmth that I had never experienced before. One month after this evening, which had started as a sad event, we became a couple.

After we told our mutual friend that we were together now and that we met each other again on that evening, he gave us this stuffed animal. This teddy bear has been his lucky charm from his childhood on. Now it should bring us luck.


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