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Even before my time as an aupair, I knew that I would be suffering from homesickness. I already missed my home when I was away for more than two days. Still, it was the only way for me to improve my language skills before studying at university.

Only after a few days in my new home, I met Anna in front of one of these popular telephone boxes. She asked me to take a picture of her for her family back home. We started to talk and found out that we both had just graduated from school and will be working in the same neighborhood as aupairs. We got on well with each other right away, it was like “friendship at first sight”. Right from the beginning, I could confide all my fears and doubts to her. She dried my first tears when I was homesick and encouraged me to stay strong. She also shared her deepest thoughts and feelings with me. Familiarity surrounded us.

Throughout the year our friendship got stronger. We sat together for hours having afternoon tea and scones. We talked about life, love, our desires and dreams and sometimes we cried like babies because we both missed our home so much. We often faced each other without saying anything, but we understood each other perfectly without words. It felt as if we had met our twin. We were home for each other. “Home” – that we did not have there in a completely foreign country.

After our aupair adventure, we moved into a shared apartment, 400 kilometers away from our parents’ house and we are currently experiencing our next adventure: students’ life.


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