Spacey Chaken

Have you ever had something so bad happen to you that you hoped this was all just a bad dream? That’s how I felt when without a warning my girlfriend decided she didn’t want to be with me anymore after three years. I was as lost and confused as someone stuck on a deserted island. It felt like my whole world was going to fall apart. She was my world. I was hurt and depressed. I turned to my friends only to find out that each and every one of them had taken her side.

There was only one thing for me to do – I partied like there was no tomorrow. Every single night I would party. At 8 am I went to my college classes and when school ended I went to work until 12. On a good day I was getting an average of four hours of sleep. I was destroying myself. I had always thought I did something wrong, that I was such a terrible person that I had caused my ex to leave me. As I had no closure I assumed the worst. I assumed I was the worst and couldn’t believe I made someone so perfect want to leave with no explanation.

Turns out she cheated on me. A girl from a party showed me a proof how cheated multiple times. Suddenly I felt so happy and relieved. I was free of feeling like I was a terrible human being. I could finally get over her and all my friends who knew and chose her side over their friend.

Despite losing everyone I knew, one friend in particular had my back. Our friendship evolved and people even assumed we were brothers at one point. As the year past we came up with the idea for SpaceyChaken – A channel that would let us do whatever we wanted, having fun and be positive influences to the world. We spent a year saving up money for equipment and when I went to buy the last piece I needed, I met her.

Her name is Maddie. She was just sitting there alone and I asked her for directions. I thought she was super cute. She asked me what my purchase was for. I told her about my business and kept talking to her… The next thing I knew was watching movies, going for walks and hanging out together. I recognized that she liked me, but I only wanted to be her friend. I told her I wasn’t into her, but she never gave up.
One day, I kissed her. As I didn’t feel any spark or love I tried to be her friend again. Fortunately, she saw me for who I was and wasn’t going to just let me “friend zone” her again. We started dating. I loved hanging out with her but I just wasn’t that into her.

Fast forward a year I have fallen completely in love with her. She is beautiful, kind and an amazing hearted person. She broke through my walls of “not wanting to date or fall in love again”. Maddie never gave up on me. She inspires me every day. And without her SpaceyChaken would not exist. She does everything behind the scenes. She is my rock, my number one favorite and she has become my world.


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