My angel

I met my boyfriend on Tinder. From the first date on we got along very well and soon I noticed that he was special. After a week, on September 16th, we became a couple. At that time, we lived 70 kilometers apart. We saw each other every weekend and gradually got to know our families. Everything was wonderful until November 20th.

On that day, my mother collapsed during her Christmas shopping. Shortly before, she had managed to give me a call. “Mom, don’t worry. Tell me which hospital you’re going to, I’ll be there immediately and let everyone know.” I didn’t know that these were the last words I would say to her. Only one phone call later my boyfriend was there with my siblings.

My mother had to undergo an emergency surgery. After eight hours, at three o’clock in the morning, we got the call that the operation had to be stopped because my mother was already too weak. She was put into an induced coma and taken to the coronary care unit.

At that time, I was 19, had just finished my A-levels, and lived with my mom. I wanted to study law. She was not only my mother, but also my best friend.

The first time I saw my mother in a coma, my boyfriend was with me. He waited in front of the infirmary. It was so hard to see my mom like that. I didn’t know a person could feel so much pain, sorrow and grief. After this hardly bearable visit, I had to talk to my boyfriend. I understood that no matter how my mother’s condition would develop further, we had a tough time ahead of us. I wanted my boyfriend to tell me whether he was ready to accompany on my way – my way as a caring or grieving daughter. I did not force him to go through this time with me. I would not have been angry with him if he had decided to leave. I felt so much pain because of my mother that I wouldn’t have even noticed another pain, however hard it may sound. My boyfriend started crying and said “It hurts to see you suffer so much. I will not leave you alone and we will get through this together.

On November 25, my mother passed away. She died in the company of her loved ones – her friends and her family.

My mother is my hero and my boyfriend is my angel. Without him I would not have been able to study law. My family, my friends and above all my mother’s friends supported me in everything I did.

I believe that God (or whoever is up there to rule everything) sends people into your life at certain times to overcome hard times. Today, almost four years after my mother’s death, my boyfriend and I live together. I can’t imagine any other person at my side. My love for him is indescribable and I am grateful that he is there for me at every breakdown, every outburst of tears or rage, every Mother’s Day, every day of death and every birthday. Whenever grief overcomes me he lights up my day.

He is my personal angel. Thank you for existing!

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