Some facts about me

1 Although I was born in autumn, spring is my favorite season. Every year I am excited to see the first snowdrops and tulips.
2 Travelling is one of my greatest passions and I prefer “low budget” trips.
3 I am a visual person. If someone gives me information I am always happy about a document or take notes myself.
4 When phoning or memorizing I cannot sit still and always walk around in the room.
5 I am absolutely a morning person and like to get up early to use the whole day.
6 I love the English language, although I rarely watch movies in English.
7 When watching my favorite movies I can turn off the sound and synchronize without any problems.
8 I LOVE grapes in all shapes and colors – as grapes themselves, as chocolate grapes, as raisins (very important in the Carinthian “Reindling”) and, of course, as wine.

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